Richard Dunn

You could say I have been in business my entire life.

My Grandfather, J. Lowell Ware, founded The Atlanta Voice, one of the city’s first African-American newspapers and where I currently hold the esteemed position of Chief Business Development Officer.

Additionally, I have over 20 years of success in the hospitality and entertainment industry as owner/operator of several venues in the Historic Underground including Sugarhill, Motion and Banana Wind. More recently, my entrepreneurial journey has led me to part-ownership of the popular Atlanta restaurant Tom, Dick and Hank.

I am also the founder and owner of the creative services and live concert production/promotion company The Muddy Water Group.  This role has given me the opportunity to work with a variety of chart-topping talent in the jazz, soul, hip-hop and EDM genres. I have also curated events throughout the U.S. and Canada including Sol Fusion and Center Stage in Atlanta.


I am a native of Atlanta and a product of Atlanta Public Schools. I have grown up in the city. I know the city. I have helped shape its culture and I am well acquainted with the community at large. Through my business dealings, I have cultivated strong political, civic and business relationships.

Through my relationships and expertise in event programming, restaurant and business development, I am well equipped to assist you in creating and scaling your business. Because I have fed or entertained many of the movers and shakers of Atlanta over the years, I can help you make the right connections if you're looking to start or grow a business in ATL.

Whether you need assistance with real estate, risk management, business contacts and relationship building or general business concerns in Atlanta, my first priority will always be you and your success.